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Even more beautiful than beautiful answers is beautiful questions
— e.e. cummings

The Teacher's Mentor

Lynette Relyea thumbnail photoMy passion and my work for the past ten years has been to serve as a mentor and consultant for teachers, principals and school administrators across the country. I am armed with listening ears, diagnostic tools, data-based decision-making processes, structure and a deeply-felt sense of responsibility to solving my clients’ challenges.
At Lynette B. Relyea & Associates, we help you move past the stuff that gets in the way of loving what you do, allowing you to move from disillusionment with your career choice in education to knowing that you are truly fulfilling your calling.

Many “experts” in education haven’t been in a classroom in years. I have been a student and teacher all my life. Like you, over the years, I crossed the bridge between having the education courses and theories required to teach, and the reality of teaching in a classroom.

As CEO of Lynette B. Relyea & Associates, Inc, I can tell you that this experience provides a critical, differentiating insight in our consultation and training. Working with public and private schools, we help educators become more effective leaders and better administrators. We help teachers fall in love all over again with teaching.
We can help you regain your passion for making a difference in the world.

Let’s Get Into It

At Lynette B. Relyea & Associates, Inc., we help you zero in on the behaviors and communication styles that benefit and challenge schools. We utilize the industry-leading evidence-based program, Everything DiSC®. When you’re armed with this insightful behavioral data and practical solutions, you can help transform the working culture of your team, school faculty and/or administration. You become an agent for change.

Mentor, Consultant, Trainer

Lynette Relyea is The Teacher’s Mentor. She works with educators who have lost that loving feeling about being in the classroom and helps them fall in love all over again with teaching.  She provides life-altering 1:1 mentoring, consultancy services and training programs for school administrators, principals and teacher.

Look at what others have said about Lynette:

What Lynette teaches is essential for every teacher to know. The best part is, she teaches it with heart and the wisdom that comes from having been in the classroom.
– Lisa

It seems as if the sun suddenly came out from behind the clouds.  Lynette’s program gave me the clarity and confidence to find my own voice.
– Kay

I’ve already seen such a change in dealing with ‘difficult’ people by only saying just a few words that came out of Lynette’s workshop.
– Anthony

I have a clear vision of how to move forward.
– Sandra

Lynette helped me break through my thinking and see the value of my expertise.  I will never say again, ‘I’m just a teacher.’
– Vernon

If you are resonating with these ideas, it makes sense to take action.  Here’s how you know if you want to work with Lynette B, Relyea & Associates.

  • Are you tired of fighting the same battles that leave you exhausted and frustrated at the end of the school day?
  • Do you believe that there must be a better way to face challenges?
  • Do you want a “how-to- do-it,” an understanding, a blueprint to follow, to handle those everyday challenges?
  • Are you open to new possibilities of thought and behavior?

If you answered “Yes” to these four questions, let’s talk!

You don’t have to fight the same battles that leave you exhausted and frustrated at the end of the school day. There is a better way.

You don’t have to lie awake at night, wondering how you are going to make it through another day? There are answers for how to do more than survive until the end of the day.

If you are willing to invest the time, energy and resources to reclaim your vocation, and to know that the joy of who you are is, indeed, a gift to the world, let’s talk.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for a complimentary Strategy Session
(valued at $500)